natalia vodianova by thomas whiteside for harper's bazaar spain december 2016

model: natalia vodianova (dna)
photographer: thomas whiteside
stylist: juan cebrian (defacto)
hair: christelle ribiero
make-up: olivier echaudemaison and marielle loubet (calliste)

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  1. She looks amazing but the clothes are really boring and not festive at all.

  2. How coordinated the colors are in each shot is beautiful

  3. She looks amazing but the clothes are really boring and not festive at all.

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  5. I noticed you stopped posting... :(
    Can we still expect new posts from you? :)

  6. Love how simple this is! Just playing with colours! SO beautiful!! Inspirational <3

  7. what other websites post this type of content? and good runway shots?

  8. Sounds like you had so much fun there, can't wait to see those posts! You will like to see more fun from here.

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